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Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Opinions of the United States Supreme Court book cover

Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Opinions of the United States Supreme Court presents a unique perspective on twenty-five Supreme Court cases. Some, such as Roe v. Wade, are includedfor obvious reasons. Others, Loving v. Virginia for example, do not fit in as readily. However, the editors—Kathryn M. Stanchi, Linda L. Berger, and Bridget J. Crawford—and their contributors—fifty total—relate themes of racial inequality and female self-determination allowing for a truly intersectional feminist perspective. Contributing to this intersectionality is the Lawrence v. Texas decision. The rewritten judgment addresses the issue of sexual autonomy as it relates to the dignity of women and queer people. Hobson, who wrote the feminist judgment of the case, argues that sexual autonomy is a “fundamental right,” and that laws restricting consensual sexual acts threaten the liberty of already oppressed people. This compilation and its analyses of landmark Supreme Court decisions prove that the essential and fundamental rights for which women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQIA community have been fighting for years were established and upheld long ago. This sentiment is best summed up in the preface of the book: “The rewritten decisions show that previously accepted judicial outcomes were not necessary or inevitable and demonstrate that feminist reasoning increases the judicial capacity for justice, not only for women but for many other oppressed groups.” 

Stanchi, Kathryn M., Linda L. Berger, and Bridget J. Crawford. 2016. Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Opinions Of The United States Supreme Court. New York: Cambridge University Press.


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