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Rackley: Why Feminist Legal Scholars Should Write Judgments

In “Why Feminist Legal Scholars Should Write Judgments” Erika Rackley reflects on her participation in the Feminist Judgments Project and the significance of that project as well as those like it. She cites the purpose of the final work as seeking to “alter perceptions of

Crandall and Lawlor: The Politics of Judicial Appointment

Erin Crandall (Acadia University) and Andrea Lawlor (King’s University College, Western University) make a compelling case for judicial diversity in their study, “The Politics of Judicial Appointment: Do Party Connections Impede the Appointment of Women to Canada’s Federally Appointed Courts?” Crandall and Lawlor recognize that “Canada

Diversity in the Louisiana Judiciary Panel

Sally J. Kenney, Executive Director, Newcomb College Institute and Heather Johnson, Research Assistant Professor, released a report on the gender and racial diversity of Louisiana’s judges. They presented the findings of the report, followed by a panel discussion featuring: — Chief Justice Bernette Johnson, Louisiana

Gender and Racial Diversity of Louisiana’s Judges

Gender and Racial Diversity of Louisiana’s Judges Tuesday, October 4, 2016 – 6:00 PM  to  Wednesday, December 31, 1969 – 6:00 PM Location: uptown campus Building:Weinmann Hall (Law), 110 Please join us for the release of a report including research by Salmon Shomade and Sally J.