Cathi Albertyn

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14 years old

Chair, Postgraduate Studies Committee Editor

School of Law

Equality, Gender Studies, Human Rights and Constitutional Law

University of the Witwatersrand
South Africa

Cathi Albertyn is a Professor of Law at the University of Witwatersrand where she teaches courses on Constitutional Law, Human Rights and Gender and the Law. Prior to joining the School, Cathi was the Director of the Centre for Applied Legal Studies (2001-2007) and headed its Gender Research Programme for ten years (1992 - 2001). During that time she worked closely with the women's movement in seeking to influence the constitutional negotiations and, after 1994, on several policy and law reform processes.

Cathi is the editor of the South African Journal on Human Rights, an attorney of the High Court of South Africa (non-practising roll) and, since 2007, a Commissioner at the South African Law Reform Commission where she serves on Project Committees on Statutory Law Revision (Project 25); Sexual Offences: Adult Prostitution (Project 107) and a Review of Hindu Marriages.

Publications in journals – accredited/peer reviewed

  • C Albertyn ‘Religion, Custom and Gender: Marital Law Reform in South Africa’  (2013) 9 International Journal of Law in Context 1–25.
  • C Albertyn ‘Gendered Transformation In South African Jurisprudence: Poor Women and the Constitutional Court’ (2011) 22 Stellenbosch Law Review 591-613.
  • C Albertyn ‘Law, Gender and Inequality in South Africa’ (2011) 39 Oxford Development Studies 139-.162.
  • C Albertyn & D Davis ‘Legal Realism, Transformation and the Legacy of Dugard’ (2010) 26 SAJHR 188-216.
  • C Albertyn ‘“The Stubborn Persistence of Patriarchy’: Gender Equality and Cultural Diversity in South Africa’ (2009) 2 Constitutional Court Review 165-208.
  • C Albertyn ‘Substantive Equality and Transformation in South Africa’ (2007) 23 SAJHR 253-276.
  • C Albertyn ‘Defending and Securing Rights through Law: Women, Law and the Courts in South Africa’ (2005) Politikon 217-238.
  • C Albertyn ‘The Constitutional Fourteenth Amendment Bill’ (2005) 21 SAJHR 126.
  • C Albertyn ‘Contesting Democracy– HIV/AIDS and the achievement of Gender Equality in South Africa’ (2003) 29 Feminist Studies 595-615.
  • C Albertyn ‘Using Rights and the Law to reduce Women’s vulnerability to HIV/AIDS’ (2001) 5 Law, Democracy and Development 179-194.
  • C Albertyn & B Goldblatt ‘Facing the Challenge of Transformation: Difficulties in the Development of an Indigenous Jurisprudence of Equality’ (1998) 14 SAJHR 248-276.
  • C Albertyn & B Goldblatt ‘The Decriminalisation of Gay Sexual Offences: The National Coalition for Gay and Lesbian Equality and Another v The Minister of Justice and Others, 1998 (6) BCLR 726 (W)’ (1998) 14 SAJHR 461-471.
  • C Albertyn ‘Gender Equality in the Provinces: The question of structures’ (1996) 30 Agenda 6-17.
  • C Albertyn & J Kentridge ‘Introducing the Right to Equality in the Interim Constitution’ (1994) 10 South African Journal on Human Rights 149-178. 
  • C Albertyn ‘Women and the Transition to Democracy in South Africa" (1994) Acta Juridica 39-63.

Chapters in books

  • C Albertyn ‘Cultural Diversity, ‘Living Law’ And Women’s Rights In South Africa’ in Daniel Bonilla (ed) Constitutionalism In The Global South (2013) Cambridge University Press.
  • C Albertyn ‘Constitutional Equality in South Africa’ in O Dupper & C Garbers Equality in the Workplace. Reflections from South Africa and Beyond (2009) Juta & Co.
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  • C Albertyn ‘Feminism and the Law’ in C Roederer and D Moellendorf Jurisprudence (2003) Juta & Co.
  • C Albertyn ‘Towards Substantive Representation: Women and Politics in South Africa. Have women made a difference in post apartheid South Africa?’ in A Dubowsky & V Hart Women Making Constitutions (2003) Palgrave 99-117.
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  • C Albertyn ‘Unfair Discrimination’ (chapter 4) in A Guide to the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act (2001) Wits University Press.
  • C Albertyn, B Goldblatt, S Hassim, L Mbatha, S Meintjes South African case-study in INSTRAW Engendering the Political Agenda: the Role of the State, Women’s Organisations and the International Community (2000) Santo Domingo: INSTRAW. 
  • C Albertyn ‘National Machinery for Ensuring Gender Equality’ in S. Liebenburg (ed) The Constitution of South Africa from a Gender Perspective (1995) David Philip & Community Law Centre.
  • C Albertyn ‘The Discriminatory and Gendered Nature of the Gender of the Law and Institutions of Criminal Justice’ in S Jagwanth et al (eds) Women and the Law HSRC Publishers 1994.
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  • C Albertyn ‘Drugs and Moral Panics’ in D Davis and M Slabbert (1885) Crime and Power.  David Phillip.

Other publications                                                                                                               

  • C Albertyn ‘Women in South Africa in the year 2000. What have they achieved after Six years of democracy?” (1999) South African Yearbook of International Affairs
  • ‘C Albertyn ‘Using Rights and the Law to reduce Women’s Vulnerability to HIV/AIDS’ (2001) 5 Canadian Journal of Aids Law and Policy 72-78.
  • C Albertyn & L Mbatha ‘Customary law Reform in the new South Africa’ Gender, Citizenship and Governance: A Global Source Book (2004) Critical Reviews and Annotated bibliographies series, KIT, The Netherlands, Oxfam, GB.
  • C Albertyn & S Meer ‘ “Citizens or Mothers” The Marginalisation of Women’s Reproductive Rights in the struggle for access to reproductive health-care for HIV-positive pregnant women in South Africa’ in Gender, Rights and Development: A Global Source Book. (2008) Critical Reviews and Annotated bibliographies series, KIT, The Netherlands, Oxfam, GB.