Susanne Baer

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Justice of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany
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Chair of Public Law and Gender Studies

Public Law and Gender Studies

Socio-cultural legal studies, feminist legal and gender studies, law against discrimination, and comparative constitutional law

Humboldt University in Berlin

Law School - Public Law & Gender Studies
Prof. Dr. Susanne Baer, LL.M. (Michigan)
Unter den Linden 6
10099 Berlin (Germany)

49 (0) 30 2093 3467

Susanne Baer, FBA (born February 16, 1964) is a German legal scholar and one of the 16 judges of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany. Baer has been the William W. Cook Global Law Professor at the University of Michigan Law School since winter 2010 and is also a professor of public law and gender studies with the Law Faculty at Humboldt University of Berlin and its dean of academic affairs.


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