Josephine Dawuni


Dr. Josephine Dawuni received her bachelor of laws at the University of Ghana in 1999. She went on to earn her master’s in international development studies from Ohio University, and then her Ph.D. in political science from Georgia State University, with a particular focus on comparative African politics and international relations. She has taught at Georgia State University, among various other institutions. Today, she is a professor at Howard University.

Dr. Dawuni’s research interests include judicial politics, African politics, and gender and the law. She worked as the Executive Director of the Institute for African Women in Law (IAWL). She founded and directs Girls Education for Empowerment and Development (GEfED). Dr. Dawuni has presented on the rise of female chief justices in Africa, diversity in judicial appointments, and women in the judiciary at the African Studies Association Annual Conference. In 2015, she spoke at the University of Copenhagen iCourts regarding her work on gender and the judiciary in Africa.

Dr. Dawuni’s book Her Ladyship Chief Justice was published in 2016. Dawuni looks at the increased presence of women on the benches of African courts. Also in 2016, Dawuni’s piece “To mother or not to mother?” was published in the Journal of African Law. In it, she discusses “the representative roles of women judges in Ghana.” Finally, in collaboration with Gretchen Bauer, Dawuni wrote Gender and the Judiciary in Africa: Moving from Obscurity to Parity?, noting the ascension of female judges to chief judgeships in Africa.